Young people accused of theft or burglary offenses may not fully realize how much trouble they are in. They don’t consider it a criminal offense or they don’t think about the consequences. In reality, the charges could lead to jail or prison and a theft conviction closes many doors for future employment.

At the M. Victoria Cole Law Firm P.C. in Cedar Rapids, we know how to respond to these charges to fight a conviction or mitigate the punishment. We represent anyone accused of property crimes in Linn County, Johnson County and throughout Eastern Iowa.

Iowa City Burglary And Criminal Trespass Attorney

Criminal defense lawyer Victoria Cole spent seven years as a former prosecutor and uses those insights every day in representing the accused. She handles all misdemeanor and felony property crimes, including:

  • Shoplifting and employee theft
  • Larceny and felony theft
  • Auto theft and “joyriding”
  • Bad checks and credit card theft
  • Embezzlement and white collar crimes
  • Burglary of a home
  • Burglary of a business or vehicle
  • Criminal trespass or destruction of property

We intervene immediately to assess the facts and circumstances and to make sure that the charges are proportional to the alleged crime. Thefts may be charged as a felony, depending on the value of property stolen or prior offenses. Burglary offenses are escalated if a weapon was involved, or if the dwelling was occupied or if a person was injured.

Our goal is to get the best result for the facts of your situation. If our investigation does not reveal constitutional violations or flaws in the prosecution’s case, we will assert mitigating factors and explore opportunities to avoid the worst penalties. For example, first offenders may qualify for deferred judgment that expunges a theft or burglary conviction. Sometimes we can plead the case down to a lesser included offense, such as trespassing, in lieu of a conviction for felony theft or burglary.

We Know That Your Future Is At Stake

A criminal record for theft is viewed as a character flaw. Retail or fast food employers do not want a convicted thief handling money and employers in other occupations will bypass applicants who have theft or burglary convictions — which by law must be disclosed on job applications. We make every effort to spare clients from the long-term consequences of a bogus accusation or youthful mistake.

Contact an experienced Cedar Rapids theft defense attorney who will fight for you. To set up a confidential consultation with Victoria Cole, call us at 319-261-2600, or contact us online. We accept credit cards.