The police and the courts take domestic violence seriously, and so does the legal team at M. Victoria Cole Law Firm P.C.

  • If you have experienced abusive treatment or fear for your safety, we can take swift action. We will go with you to court to obtain a protective order or to ask that a temporary order be made permanent.
  • We also represent men or women who have been unjustly accused of domestic assault or subjected to an overly restrictive no-contact order. We can fight a restraining order that is keeping you from seeing your children or being used against you in a divorce.

Located in Cedar Rapids, our family law lawyer represents men and women in Linn County, Johnson County and surrounding counties of Eastern Iowa.

Iowa City Protective Orders Attorney

The courts will give the benefit of the doubt to a person who claims domestic violence. Law enforcement will also err on the side of caution when someone calls 911 to report a domestic dispute. Police may take one party into custody, depending on the circumstances. The court will then issue a no-contact order that prevents that person from returning to the home or contacting the victim.

About 10 days after the incident, a hearing will be held on whether to extend the protective order. We represent victims who are trying to escape from an abusive relationship. Although a protective order is only a piece of paper, violating the order can result in serious criminal charges.

Sometimes, domestic violence allegations are made up as a ploy in divorce or child custody proceedings. Sometimes, the victim wants to reconcile or drop the charges. We will fight to prevent a permanent protective order or argue for an easing of the restrictions to allow our client to spend time with his or her children.

Experienced Advocacy For The Sensitive Matter Of Domestic Violence

Victoria Cole is an experienced family law and criminal defense attorney who understands both the family court system and the criminal justice system. She will vigorously protect your rights whether you need protection from abuse or you are accused of domestic abuse.

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