The law calls for an equitable distribution of marital assets, no matter who is the breadwinner or whose name is listed on the title. But dividing property and debts is not as simple as dividing by two. There are legal questions, financial considerations and some give-and-take required to strike a fair and practical settlement.

At M. Victoria Cole Law Firm P.C. in Cedar Rapids, we can safeguard your interests in property division while avoiding unnecessary litigation. While we serve a diverse range of clients, we are equipped to handle the special considerations of high-asset divorce. Our attorney handles contested and uncontested divorces in Linn County, Johnson County and throughout Eastern Iowa.

Iowa City Property Division Attorney

The first step in dividing your marital estate is determining what is separate property and what is marital property. For example, a home or business or pension acquired prior to marriage may belong to that spouse. The next step is assigning a dollar figure to assets and liabilities, which commonly requires outside experts. We also may need forensic accountants to trace hidden assets or recent transfers of property to third parties in anticipation of divorce.

Attorney Victoria Cole has represented business owners, doctors, lawyers and other licensed professionals. She has also represented spouses of high earners (who can petition the court to make the other party pay attorney fees).

We can address all assets and debts subject to division or compensation:

  • The marital home and second homes or cabins
  • Farmland and other real estate
  • Closely held business valuations
  • A professional degree or professional practice
  • Pension, 401(k) and other retirement assets
  • Valuables, vehicles and heirlooms
  • Investments and other sources of income
  • Insurance policies
  • Loans and credit card balances

Cedar Rapids High-Asset Divorce Attorney

A large marital estate does not necessarily mean a courtroom showdown. In fact, the greater the assets the greater the opportunities to find a mutually agreeable solution. Ms. Cole is skilled at creative trade-offs to make it work such as future considerations for keeping the house or taking on debts in exchange for a greater share of the retirement portfolio. The key is attention to detail and a move-forward attitude.

We give clients the information and perspective to make good decisions about marital assets, and we will vigorously protect your interests in settlement talks or in court. Call our Cedar Rapids office at 319-261-2600 or contact us online to schedule a confidential divorce consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment.