White collar crimes are being prosecuted more vigorously and punished more severely. In addition to jail or prison, a conviction for fraud or financial crimes can have long-term repercussions for a business, professional license or employment prospects.

At M. Victoria Cole Law Firm P.C. in Cedar Rapids, we understand what is on the line for clients accused of white collar offenses. We know how to analyze the facts and challenge the prosecution’s assumptions to spare our clients from a conviction or mitigate the penalties. Contact us to arrange a confidential consultation. We serve Linn County, Johnson County, Benton County and surrounding Eastern Iowa.

Iowa City White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

Our legal team provides sophisticated representation for a wide range of financial crimes, from federal fraud offenses to state court charges under Iowa’s fraudulent practices statute:

  • Embezzlement
  • Mortgage fraud and bank fraud
  • Welfare fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Forgery
  • Misappropriation or breach of fiduciary duty

Criminal defense trial lawyer Victoria Cole spent seven years as a prosecutor before private practice. She knows how state and federal agencies investigate fraud and build a case for indictment. As a result, she knows how to analyze the prosecution’s case to identify defenses and mitigating factors.

Our attorney makes the prosecution prove the statutory elements of a white collar crime. Are the charges appropriate to the alleged offense? Are they supported by hard evidence or mere inference? Is there a reasonable explanation other than criminal intent? The facts of your case will be fully explored and evidence that we can preserve will be preserved to ensure the best result for you.

Pursuing Positive Outcomes For Serious Charges

In large-scale fraud, there is less leeway in negotiations or lenience in sentencing. But for many white collar offenses, judges are more amenable to suspended sentences, probation and/or restitution in lieu of jail. Victoria Cole is skilled at emphasizing the client’s positive attributes and convincing the court that jail is not necessary to rehabilitate the client or hold him or her responsible.

To arrange a consultation with our Cedar Rapids fraud defense attorney, call our office at 319-261-2600 or contact us online. We accept credit cards.